Monday, May 21, 2007

Back home again in Indiana

This entry comes to you from Elkhart. We arrived May 3rd and have since attended two graduations, a conference, a seminar and are having good times with family and church. Here’s a picture of David and Janelle, the graduates. Janelle graduated with a BA in biology and David with a BA in mathematics and economics. Let me brag on them just a bit and tell you that they both graduated with highest honors. They are smart, hard-working kids! David will continue studying economics at Georgetown in D.C. and Janelle would like to eventually get a masters in sustainable agriculture.

We are settling into a routine of attending to WR work in the mornings (forget trying to get us by phone as we are online most of the a.m.), yard work and getting the other side of the house ready for new renters as the former ones just moved out, reading Ted Dekker books, wedding planning, meeting with people, relaxing. It has been a good change of pace. The tempo will pick up closer to the wedding and then we’ll return to Maputo the middle of the next week (June 20).

I’ll leave you with a quote from our travel home as we were landing in Johannesburg: “Sorry about the hard landing, folks, but there was a flock of guinea fowl on the runway.” Can’t say I’ve ever heard that one before!