Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Lost Son is Found

I just heard a wonderful story from our friend Mirtha, who works at an orphanage outside of Maputo.

Last January Social Services came to them with a 3-yr. old boy, Samito. They said he had been abandoned on a chapa (local transportation) and asked if the Yoido Center would keep him. They did, but Mirtha said he was very sad for a long time.

Apparently what really happened was that Samito wandered away from home. No one knows how he got on the chapa. His father has been looking for him for 9 months. Many people told him to give up, it was too long. But he insisted that his son was alive and he kept looking. He went to Social Services but with all their bureaucracy and red tape he did not get very far. Finally someone told him about Yoido and he went there to look for him. To his amazement, he found his son and they had a very joyful reunion. Mirtha helped Samito pack his small bag and sent him with his father with tears of joy.