Thursday, August 14, 2008

Relaxing in Indiana

It’s been awhile since we’ve blogged. The end of July we were busy wrapping things up in Moz in order to take our every two year leave that our church provides for us. It was another whirlwind exit as Steve was busy traveling to Maxixe with the organic certification for the coconut oil, we did two Ancient Paths seminars, the church had a quarterly meeting and to top it all off, Steve took a day trip to Chokwe with Sam to work on ag and business future directions the day before we left.

In September it will be four years since we left home and went to Brazil for language study on our way to Mozambique. My, how time flies. In retrospect, we see our lives have been full of new growth points, new people and places to know, lots of cultural and spiritual challenges and God’s complete provision for our lives, family and ministry.

Since we’ve been home we’ve participated in a Good family reunion. As always it was great to catch up with the family and even welcome some new ones (by birth and marriage). Here's Steve with his siblings and some of his cousins.

The big news from this past week is that Steve had LASIK done on both eyes. This was done in Ohio by Dr. Davis, whom we met on a trip from The Chapel. He is a great doctor and even a greater guy! Right now I can see quite well without contacts at a distance, but still need reading glasses. Sometimes I find myself thinking it is about time to take the old contacts out for the night if my eyes have gotten tired. “Older” eyes (and minds) apparently take more time to adapt and get over the surgery.

We were able to visit family and friends. We also visited two “The Chapel” locations who partner with World Relief. It was fun and refreshing to spend time with people we have known and gotten to know over the years and see them in their own settings. We are always amazed at how God has expanded our friendships and opportunities.

Usually our days consist of enjoying two of our children (Joel and Joanna and spouses were with us for some days), watching Olympics, studying (Rachel is plugging away on a course), preparing presentations/sermons, meeting with friends and family, reading (Steve read four books in five days), pulling some weeds and doing maintenance on the house. It is a nice change of pace and we are relaxing well. September will be busier with WR travels and meetings.